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Manor Farm – New build project

Manor Farm – New build project

And that’s a wrap. Another first class, Electrical Installation for a new build project completed in Bishops Stortford, Essex.

We were sent the drawings for this project, from an architect we have worked for previously. Back in June of 2020, we were asked to provide a basic cost. We were told it was going to be just a standard installation. A few socket outlets, a few lights and some more bits installed in between. But don’t get carried away, this is just a preliminary cost for tender.

does my fusebox really need replacing?

Change my consumer unit

Probably one of the most common pricing questions I get asked on a weekly basis is 'how much will it cost to change my fusebox?' or just as often, 'does my fusebox really need replacing?

Working around Harlow in Essex, a town which was built as an overspill from London after the war ended, the usual answer to the latter question is 'if you've not had any significant electrical upgrades in the last 10 to 15 years then your more than likely due an upgrade'.