Welcome to our latest blog where we're diving deep into the world of electric vehicle (EV) charger installations🚘

This isn't just any guide; it's a real-talk, down-to-earth discussion about what it really takes – from costs to the nuts and bolts of installation. So, let’s break it down.

The Real Cost of Setting Up an EV Charge Point💷

Talking about money matters first – it’s important, right? Installing an EV charge point is not just about slapping a device onto your wall. It’s a bit more involved than that. We’re looking at half a day’s work for a standard install, give or take, and yes, the cost can vary.

The Price Tag on EV Chargers

Here’s the thing: EV chargers aren’t exactly pocket change. They range from £450 to a hefty £2000 for the top-tier ones. Now, we often see clients bringing their own chargers, but if you're getting one from a business like us, expect a markup. Why? Because we're talking quality, reliability – the whole shebang.

What About Labour Costs?

Labour’s a big part of the equation. At our current rate of £70+vat per hour, a standard install takes about four hours. That’s the muscle and brains behind making sure your charger is up and running perfectly.

What is a standard installation?⚡

A standard installation can be described for example as a home with the consumer unit that is situated on an external wall and the charger is to be installed at 10 meters or less from the consumer unit. The consumer unit must be up to date with a valid electrical installation certificate or satisfactory electrical installation condition report. 

There must also be type A RCD’s present if your have a split load consumer unit or spare ways available for us to a fit type A RCBO where necessary.

Don’t Forget the additional material

This is the bit that we find most people overlook. The bits and bobs that make the installation safe and compliant. We’re talking armoured cable, cable glands, cleats, adaptable boxes, and the all-important Type A RCD and potential additional consumer unit if needed. These essentials can add around £250 to your bill.

So, what’s the bottom line? For a standard MyEnergi Zappi V2.1 installation, you’re looking at around £1250+VAT. But remember, each job is a unique beast, and we quote accordingly to give you the best deal for your setup.

Why Custom Quotes Matter

Every installation is a different story. We could have a straightforward job or a complex one with cables weaving through your property like a labyrinth. That’s why we eyeball every project to give you a price that fits your budget and your desired outcome.

Solar Integration: The Game Changer☀️

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about something really cool – solar integration with EV charging. Picture this: your rooftop solar panels aren’t just cutting down your electricity bills; they’re charging your EV too. That’s like killing two birds with one stone, but in a very eco-friendly way!

Dreaming of an Off-Grid Lifestyle

Imagine living almost entirely off-grid. Your solar panels soak up the sun, your battery stores that golden juice, and come evening, you’re using this stored energy to power your home. And the cherry on top? Your EV gets charged too, all thanks to the sun’s rays.

The Urgent Shift to Renewable Energy

Let’s face it – energy prices aren’t getting any friendlier. That’s why hopping onto the renewable energy bandwagon isn’t just smart; it’s essential. It’s not just about saving a few quid; it’s about making a statement, taking a stand for the planet.

Wrapping It Up🔌

So there you have it – a straightforward, no-nonsense guide on EV charger installations. Whether it's understanding the costs, the nitty-gritty of installation, or exploring the exciting world of solar integration, we at Full Circuit Solutions are here to light the way. Remember, choosing renewable energy isn’t just a choice; it’s a commitment to a brighter, greener future. Question? Contact our team today.

Expert Insights on EV Charger Installation: Navigating Costs & Requirements