All of our new installation works is covered by our NICEIC platinum promise which covers our works for 6 years
Whilst conducting market research, on average a one-man-band electrician can take up to 3 weeks to complete a standard 3 bedroom terraced house. Full Circuit Solutions aim to complete the same standard 3 bedroom terrace house rewire in just 4 days, using the 5th day of the project for a deep clean ready for your arrival
Of Course. One part of the pre start survey and quoting is to identify quantities and placements of all switches, sockets, lights and any other lighting fixture. Some people choose to rewire to the exact same spec as is existing. These rewires are usually carried our from a safety perspective. Some rewires are carried out alongside a full refurbishment of the property giving the home owner a creative license to have as many outlets as they need!
In some cases, where a metallic conduit was installed for cable routing when the property was built, a home can be rewired by pulling new cables into the conduits as the old cables are removed. These types of rewires are usually possible on older blocks of flats and apartments
If you are choosing to have all of your cables chased into the walls for the flush fitted look, then yes, plastering will be neccessary upon completion. Full Circuit Solutions works closely with a select few local reputable plasterers and can take care of the make good and plaster services for you.
If you have chosen to chase the cables into the wall as above and had the walls plastered then the last thing to do is redecorate. Whilst we assume no involvement in the decorating phase, we can offer you reputable and reliable local decorating services.
For a small additional cost you can upgrade any part of your installation from a standard white plastic finish to any other finish you like. Polished chrome, brushed chrome, steel, black, white, copper brass and so many more options are available.
Identification of Asbestos is covered during the pre works / quoting stage. We work closely with a Local Asbestos removal contractor if you have any asbestos concerns
As a rough guide, 25 - 30 years. A lot depends on how well the installation was put in and whether it has been adapted, changed and altered throughout its life and whether it has been regularly serviced.
Yes. To put it bluntly, if an electrical installation poses immediate danger an electrician can turn off and lock off your electrical installation and issue a danger notice. Whilst it is very rare to happen, stranger things have happened!
Rewiring a home one room at a time is most certainly possible, however it is not a very cost effective way of working.
An old fuse box is 100% not against the law. However, an old fuse box can be likened to driving a car without the seatbelt on. It’s all well and good until something goes wrong. And it WILL go wrong at some point.
As a rough guide, a rewire should last you around 25 to 30 years. Therefore, any home built before 1990 and that is using the original electrical installation should definitely be assessed and rewired.
If you have access to the properties electrical installation certificate, that should tell you the information you need. If you don’t have access to these documents then by using a qualified electrician like full circuit solutions you can have the electrical installation assessed and a full report provided that will give you a solid guide of when your installation was installed and how its safety stacks up against todays standards
Yes. A house can be rewired in stages. One floor at a time, one room at a time. Make sure to discuss your individual requirements with Mitchell to get the best possible service for you situation.
Homes are rewired for multiple different reasons. No individual reason is more important than for safety! Some people rewire as soon as they buy a property, some people rewire when they are having other large building or renovation works. Some people rewire due to age of installation and safety is their only motive.
Often, rewiring flats can be more difficult because of the concrete floors and ceilings. In new build flats they usually have a dropped MF track ceiling which allows for cables to be routed above. In older blocks of flats, there is usually a metallic conduit installed into the walls and ceilings that allow us to pull through new single core cables into their original placements
It is a common courtesy to let your neighbours know if you are having any extensive noisy or messy works done. We do also send out a letter to your two immediate neighbours to let them know of our plans.
It is very unlikely, however, houses and flats sometimes share the same supply from the road. We take every precaution to ensure there is no down time caused to other parties
Yes, a home report, otherwise known as an electrical installation condition report, EICR, landlords certificate or PIR will give you a firm idea of the quality of the electrical installation at your home as well as the age of the install.
The best time to rewire is before you move or as soon as possible. Whilst you are away on vacation and whilst renovation works are being completed. The best situation for any rewire is an empty and unoccupied property for the duration of the works.
Residual Current Device - a device installed usually at the origin of a circuit that detects imbalance between the Line and Neutral conductors. In the event of an imbalance the RCD with activate cutting off the supply to the circuit
Your responsibilities as a landlord can be found here (link to government document on the PRS scheme)
Whoever you choose to use, make sure they are a qualified and registered electrician. Ask for copies of their part P scheme membership and public liability insurance if you have any concerns.
By choosing Full Circuit Solutions, you have made the first step to a stress free project. We are a small company that focuses on individual clients and their particular needs. We have a strict process when confirming and carrying our rewiring projects that ensures when we get boots on site, its plain sailing and effortless!
Any electrician can rewire a house, however, for an electrician to provide you with the relevant certificates and building control notifications to satisfy your home insurance you must use an electrician registered with a part P scheme. Full Circuit Solutions are registered with the NICEIC, the most recognised name in the electrical sector. We are also fully insured to the sum of £2,000,000 for your peace of mind
An individual assessment of your wiring would need to be completed before a hard and fast answer of yes or no can be provided. Old cables can become dangerous when electrical systems have not been serviced, maintained and well kept. Wiring can become brittle, burnt out by overheating and faulty for many reasons. Book Your Electrical Installation Condition Report now by clicking here
You would need to check with your insurers, although it is very unlikely to be covered under any part of your insurance policy.
Unfortunately there are no current grants available for rewiring of domestic and commercial properties/premises
If you are looking to have your cables concealed within walls and under floorboards then the floors will indeed need to be lifted. In some cases, rewires can be completed using trunking and conduit wiring methods however this methods are not usually desirable.
If your home is being retired, where possible it is advised to remove all furniture, property and belongings. Large pieces of furniture, cluttered wardrobes and large amounts of other possessions will only slow down the task at hand and ultimately cost more. Full circuit solutions can help with the removal and storage of items and property whilst your project is being undertaken
Rewiring a home is a very obtrusive and messy job. We do, however, take pride in our work and our workplace and we employee a cleaner to follow on after we are complete to clean the house as best as possible.
We dont advise any works to be completed unless agreed previously to reduce the costs however some things that can be done on your end to make the amount of time spent on site less would be clearing all rooms of furniture and possessions, lifting carpets and removing them, having a thoroughly thought out plan of what you want installed and where and dust sheeting any areas where furniture can not be removed.
Technically you can however you would not be able to sign it off. We have seen this attempted many times and it almost always ends in a disaster
No. We take care of everything for you. We notify building control once the works are complete.
Very unlikely however more and more insurers are expecting up to date electrical safety certificates upon request for a valid policy.
Whilst a rewire would not increase the value of your house, it will improve saleability and help your house to reach its full value. We often rewire homes before it goes up for sale.
Yes. During the rewiring process all power to the house will be turned off for the duration of the works. We do install temporary supplied but this is mostly to power our tools needed for the project at hand.
If you would like the cables chased into the walls and sockets and switches recessed nicely then yes, the walls will need to be chased. We offer a plastering service to make good and repair for your convenience
All projects are different and all have there own time scales. We aim to rewire your 2 bedroom house within 3 days with our specialist cleaner following on behind to make sure your home is spick and spam after rewiring
Quite easily, give us a call and book for either an electrical installation condition report or a 30 minute visual inspection report
Quick answer. YES. Longer answer, deteriorating wiring leads to arching that eventually turns its an electrical fire. Older wire like aluminium that was installed between the 50's and 80s has been proven to catch fire more easily than todays copper with low smoke zero halogen cabling
As a guideline, it is accepted that a house should be rewired every 25/30 years, check out my blog 'are you using yesteryears technology to keep you safe in todays world'
Most, if not all furniture will need to be moved at one point or another during the rewiring process.
Yes. Access will be needed into the loft and a clear pathway will need to be made for us to work safely
Speak to a qualified and professional electrician at full circuit solutions to arrange to have your electrical installation assessment carried out as soon as possible!
Very. Deteriorating electric installations can lead to unwanted nuisance tripping of circuits, fires and electric shock. If you are concerned about your electric installation. Stop and call right away.
Rewiring involves replacing all of the electrical wiring, back boxes, switches and sockets throughout your property. Rewiring can be a very disruptive project but full circuit solutions is well equipped to make even the hardest if tasks more bare able!
Whilst there isn't any laws or rules currently tin the UK that strictly prohibit a homeowner from rewiring there own house, it is definitely not something that is recommended
Call in a professional to judge whether your home needs to be retired. Full circuit solutions offer multiple levels of testing and investigative works to determine how adequate the current electric installation at your property is.
You can stay in the property whilst it's being rewired however we I strongly advised against it. It makes the job take almost twice as long, sometimes even longer in certain cases meaning the difficulty and therefore the costs of the project increase
Yes, in most cases when having your house rewired the electrical supply to the house will be turned off to allow our engineers to work safely on your installation
We do provide a full clean afterwards which includes a wiping down of all surfaces, a full hoover of the property in all rooms and all hard flooring will be mopped. We can also provide a Full Circuit Solutions LTD and professional deep clean by a partner company for an additional cost
Yes, a rewire can be a very messy and intrusive task. Floorboards will need to be lifted, carpets taken up and often plastering may be necessary afterwards
A standard rewire may not add value to your house, however it will make it much more desirable to any prospective new buyer and will help you attain your full asking value of the property
Most rewires take around 3-4 days. Some can be done quicker, some take more time.
I have put together a handy page for you to generate a rough cost for your electrical rewire here. There are other factors to be taken into account too like ease of access to things like lofts and basements, occupied or unoccupied and how soon and quickly the works need to be done. Call to book in a visit for a tailored quotation to your needs
We will remove all rubbish from site for you at a cost
It is advised that pets and humans are vacant from the property whilst the rewiring takes place.
A house rewire is a complete strip out of your old electrical system. The wiring, switches, sockets and lights and any other accessories will be removed and new wiring and accessories will be installed