Ensuring Safety and Compliance in Your Electrical Upgrade

At Full Circuit Solutions, we prioritize your safety and compliance with the latest electrical standards. Before embarking on a fuse box upgrade to a new 18th edition compliant consumer unit, we insist on conducting a comprehensive Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). This step is fundamental to guarantee that your existing electrical installation is safe, sound, and suitable for the intended upgrade.

Why is an EICR Essential?

1. Safety Verification

The foremost concern during any electrical upgrade is safety. The EICR allows our skilled electricians to assess the safety of your current wiring, wiring accessories, and connections. We ensure all connections are securely made and that a circuit protective conductor is present throughout all circuits.

2. Compliance with Standards

Adhering to the 18th edition regulations is obligatory. An EICR helps us confirm compliance by assessing the adequacy of the wiring, accessories, earthing, and bonding within your existing installation. This ensures that the upgrade is in line with the latest electrical safety guidelines.

Referring to Authority: Electrical Safety First

For further authority on the necessity of an EICR before a consumer unit upgrade, we turn to the Electrical Safety First best practice guide 1 on replacing a consumer unit. It's important to note that Full Circuit Solutions is not affiliated with Electrical Safety First; however, we highly recommend their resources as a valuable source of electrical safety information. If you would like to learn more about Electrical Safety First click here.

Annex A - Distress and Planned Change Flow Charts

In these annexes, Electrical Safety First outlines structured flow charts (A1 and A2) that explicitly emphasize confirming the adequacy of wiring, accessories, earthing, and bonding before a consumer unit is installed.

Section 4: Points 4.6 and 4.7

This section highlights the critical steps involved in validating the existing electrical installation's safety and suitability for an upgrade, aligning perfectly with our approach at Full Circuit Solutions.

Trust in Expertise

By prioritizing an EICR before initiating any electrical upgrade, we aim to provide a secure, compliant, and efficient electrical system that meets your needs and surpasses industry standards.
For inquiries or to schedule an EICR and discuss your fuse box upgrade, contact us at 01279 939 102 or visit our website at www.fullcircuitsolutions.co.uk.

You can read or download the Electrical Safety First best practice guide on replacing a consumer unit

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