At full Circuit Solutions we price Electrical installation condition reports per size of installation. See below for details of our pricing structure.

  • cost per fuse box or consumer unit within the property £75+VAT
  • Cost per circuit supplied from above £17.50+VAT
  • As an example, a standard 1 bedroom flat will often have 1 fuse box and 4 circuits £75 + (£17.50x4) = £145.00 +VAT

Naturally the larger the property, the more circuits will be installed so the costs increase accordingly.

Upon accepting these costs a deposit invoice of £75+VAT will be raised and your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Upon completion of the EICR, an invoice will be raised for the remaining cost. Your electrical Installation condition report will be sent to you in PDF format within 48hours of receipt of final payment.

Along with your report, We will send you a zip file of any pictures and/or videos of items of concern, if any are present, to give you further clarity and peace of mind.

If your property is deemed as unsatisfactory a quotation for any remedial works will be issued along with the report.

Please see our calculator below to generate an estimate of the costs for an EICR or your property type and size. If you would like to proceed with a booking. Please click here to be directed on to our EICR booking form where you will be prompted to fill in an enquiry regarding your property.