What is my equipment and what is my electricity provider's?

A question that's often asked, what is my equipment and what is my electricity providers?

Your electrical installation is made up of several key parts including a fuse board, now known as your distribution board of consumer unit, an electrical meter, an electrical meter box, a fuse head and an incoming cable. With all these parts it may not be immediately obvious what parts of your electrical installation are your responsibility and what parts are the responsibility of your electricity provider. Wonder no longer though, as in this handy guide we will answer these common questions.

It could be that you've just moved in and are wondering who is responsible for the maintenance of these items, or you could be doing some home improvements and may need to relocate these electrical items, either way it's good to know.

Basically, ownership of these items goes like this...anything from and including the fuse board belongs to you, as does the meter box. However, the meter, the fuse head and the incoming cable belongs to your electricity supplier. Unfortunately it's not that clear-cut when it comes to responsibility but read on and we'll explain...

As the homeowner, the meter box is your responsibility, so you would usually need to pay for any repairs or replacements. However, if the damage was caused by the meter reader you will need to get in touch with your electricity supplier as they will be liable.

Should you need to purchase a new meter box, you can purchase replacements at most large DIY stores.

If you’re thinking of moving your electrical meter, It may be worth speaking with your local electrician for some free advice. If you're having adaptations to your property due to a disability, your electricity provider will usually move your meter free of charge. Though in other situations they may still be able to move it but usually only within three feet of its current location and not through a wall, plus there is usually a hefty charge for this.

With a pre-paid meter though it's a little different. A pre-paid meter can usually be repositioned free of charge if you are unable to access it due to being of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick. It can still often be moved otherwise but again you will be charged, and you will also be limited to certain locations.

Regarding the relocation of meters, each situation is different. If you have a query regarding your meters relocation, it's often best to contact your electricity supplier who will be able to assist you.

In regards to your consumer unit, that is always your responsibility. If you believe you're having a problem with your consumer unit you should always contact a qualified electrician to take a look at it for you. As for the fuse head and the incoming cable, these are your electricity supplier's responsibility. If you believe you're having problems with these, you will need to contact them and they will deal with it for you.

What is my equipment and what is my electricity provider's?