How much does it cost to have electric installed in my summerhouse


Summer house electrics, how much does it cost? Your questions answered by the expert.

In todays age of working from home and space and bigger houses coming at a premium, it has never been more important to make the most of every little bit of space on your property.

Since the pandemic struck in 2020, we have been installing record numbers of electrical installations in purpose built garden rooms, garden offices and summer houses.

From luxury no expense spared spaces, to glorified sheds with nothing more than a socket and a light; we have fitted electrical accessories to them all.

Read on to find out what affects the costs and what you should be budgeting for your own installation.


Factors Affecting the Cost

There are many factors that are taken into account when it comes to providing a cost for a garden room or summer house electrical installation. How big the garden room is will affect the amount of cable needed to wire between points. What the summerhouse structure is made of will affect the installation type. How far is the garden office from the main house or existing electrical supply. This can have a considerable impact on the final costs due to the length and installation type of the supply cable. How many switches, sockets, downlights will be needed. Will there be air conditioning and external lighting to install too? At Full Circuit Solutions we price every job individually to be able to provide a bespoke and personal surface too you, so make sure you are clear and what you want installing so we can be clear on the cost!


Cost Breakdown

In this section I will try to break down the costs of an electrical installation for a basic or standard garden office. For context, this imaginary garden office is at the bottom of a 10 meter garden and the Consumer unit is under stairs as with the majority of houses in the UK. Inside the garden room there will be 6 downlights in the ceiling, a single switch and 4 double socket outlets. The garden room will have its own small consumer unit so that any faults affecting the garden room will have zero impact on the rest of the property

Items we will need

  • Metering tails and distribution equipment                                     £50

  • Fused switch for armoured cable                                                £25

  • Armoured cable, glands, adaptable boxes and cleats               £165

  • Consumer unit and RCBOs for the garden room end                 £125

  • Twin and earth cabling                                                               £75

  • Light fittings, switches and sockets                                             £90

  • Labour @ 2 days                                                                      £720

Estimated Total Project Cost:                                                    £1250+vat



 Average Cost Range


Truth be told, our average installation cost for a garden office is slightly more than this. And there is a good reason for this too. Most of our cleints, when you really get down to it, don’t jut want a simple or basic installation. They are aware of the use of the space will require more than just the basics and they often add extras like chrome switches and sockets, air conditioning supplies and underfloor heating too!

Over the years, we have installed electrics to summerhouses for less than £1000 in some cases and over £5000 in others. But what I can tell you is that the average garden room installation costs somewhere between:

 £1300 - £1700 +vat


Additional Cost Considerations

When planning to have electricity installed in your garden room, it's important to consider the potential factors that can impact the overall cost. By understanding these considerations upfront, you can make informed decisions and better budget for your project. Here are the top five factors that may contribute to increased expenses:

  1. Distance from the Main Distribution Equipment: The distance between your garden room and the main distribution equipment can affect the cost. If your garden room is located far from the electrical source, it may require longer cable runs and additional materials. The increased labour and materials needed to establish a connection can add to the overall installation cost.

  2. Customization and Upgrades: Customization and upgrades to your electrical system can significantly impact the cost. If you have specific requirements, such as specialized lighting fixtures or smart home automation systems, these customizations will likely increase the price. Additionally, upgrading your electrical system to support higher loads or incorporating energy-efficient features may also come at an additional cost.

  3. Electric Underfloor Heating: If you plan to install electric underfloor heating in your garden room, it will contribute to the overall expense. Underfloor heating systems require dedicated electrical circuits and specific installation techniques, which can increase both labour and material costs. The complexity and size of the area to be heated will also influence the overall pricing.

  4. Non-Standard Fixtures and Fittings: Opting for non-standard fixtures and fittings, such as chrome or brass sockets, can elevate the cost of your electrical installation. Non-standard options often come with a higher price tag compared to standard fixtures. It's important to consider the budget implications of these aesthetic choices.

  5. Air Conditioning: Including air conditioning in your garden room electrical installation can significantly raise the cost. Air conditioning requires a dedicated circuit and appropriate wiring. The size and capacity of the air conditioning unit, as well as the complexity of the installation, will contribute to the overall expenses.

It's essential to keep these factors in mind when planning your garden room electrical installation. By working closely with a professional electrician, you can discuss your specific requirements, evaluate the associated costs, and make informed decisions to ensure that the electrical system meets your needs while staying within your budget.



The heading of this article was how much does it cost to have electrics installed in a garden room, and I think that has been answered quite well as well as the inclusion of lots of other tips and food for thought when it comes to planning your own installation.

As always, we recommend that you speak with a professional electrician or electrical contractor to have any electrical works undertaken at home.

If you have further questions please do take a look around the website as I’m sure the question will have been answered already but if you cant find what you looking for, just reach out!

A well-lit garden room, also known as a summer house or garden office, showcasing professionally installed electrical wiring, offering convenience and functionality within the outdoor space