Portable Appliance Testing

We aim to provide a PAT service to voluntary sector organisations, community centres, small businesses, housing associations, stall holders, the performing arts, church halls, private landlords, residential care home owners and many others in the south east of England, primarily within the m25 loop, Essex and North west Kent.


our rate is £1.40 per appliance with a minimum charge of £65 per site for the first 30 appliances. anything after the first 30 appliances will then be billed at £1.40 each. something to bare in mind, when you have an electrical appliance with a detachable power cord, I.E. computer tower, television, monitors, the lead and the appliance needs to be tested separately so that will account for two separate appliances. Following City & Guilds guidelines, this is standard practice in PAT testing, as the tests performed on a power cord are quite different from the tests performed on a PC or monitor. 

Discounts and reduced rates available for those who wish to pre organise the site visit and have all cords, leads and appliances to be tested stored in one room. this reduces time spent on site looking for items to test, those reduced times are assed on to the client with reduced costs.